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商品番号: TFW-AD2

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AkaDako2 is a basic board that allows you to use Grove sensors and actuators from Scratch (compatible environment Xcratch or Stretch3) simply by connecting to a PC or iPad with a USB cable.

Since it is equipped with AkaDako Core2, it is also possible to connect to an iPad with a cable.

*USB cable, Sensors and actuators are not included in the product.

■ Product content

AkaDako2 x1

■ Specifications

Input/output terminal Clip terminal (analog x 1, digital x 1, 5V, GND)
* Analog and digital are also used as Grove terminals Grove terminals (analog x 2, digital x 2, I2C x 2)
USB micro-B
Supported OS: Windows 10 or later, ChromeOS 89 or later, iOS 15 or later
Supported browsers: Chrome 89 or later, Edge Chromium version 89 or later, Scrub 1.1.1 or later Works with Scratch mutual environment Xcratch and Stretch3.

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